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Treasury Management

Unicâmbio supports shopkeepers, through a set of advantages, so that their day-to-day management is more simplified, faster and efficient.

We highlight the following advantages:
Delivery of cash from daily in-store sales, for credit to a titled bank account, at a Unicâmbio proximity counter;
More convenience: make cash deliveries at any day of the week and at extended opening hours;
No value limit nor obligatory number of movements;
Transactions are processed within 24 to 48 hours for any bank entity;
Delivery of receipt and availability of reports of the movements carried out;
Security and efficiency in the delivery of values: avoid travelling outside your commercial area;
Speed: save time and guarantee better management of your resources;
Availability of coins: to facilitate commercial operations.
Possibility of accepting payments in foreign currency and making the exchange to euros prior to the transfer;
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