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Saferpay - Online payments

Do you have online sales and are you looking for a payment solution?

Do you receive orders by phone or email and need a way to accept payments from your customers? Do you want to allow your customers to pay by credit or debit card?

Saferpay is an online payment management platform that allows the merchant to accept payments made by domestic and foreign cards made directly from your e-commerce page and accept online payment for orders received by phone or email. The back office for all transactions is very complete and is always up-to-date and accessible in a web environment.

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By payment link

Send a link by email, WhatsApp or Messenger to your customers, and ensure that you pay in advance for your orders even without an online commerce website.

  • Speed: Offer your customers a payment method in just a few clicks
  • Customization: Create your own email template to send the payment link
  • Control: Consultation of payments in real time
  • Easy: No technical knowledge or integration required
  • Comprehensive: Accepts all types of means of payment

How it works:
  • Receive your orders via phone, or email
  • Send your customers  a personalized payment link by email, WhatsApp, or Messenger.
  • The customer clicks on the link and makes the payment
  • You will receive the confirmation of the payment in your email

Mail / Phone Order

Receive orders by phone or email, and make the payment yourself on the SAFERPAY platform

How it works:
  • Receive orders from your customers, accompanied by the necessary data for payment
  • Execute the due payments on the SAFERPAY platform


  • The ideal solution for those who have an online business and are looking for a way to accept payments directly on their website
  • SAFERPAY allows, using a simple integration with your online commerce website, to manage your purchase payments, presenting an intuitive page for the insertion of your customers' payment method data.
  • Enjoy personalized technical support, a web platform to control your transactions and a strict security control system in compliance with PSD - Payment Services Directive
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