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It corresponds to the total amount that the Customer will have to pay to the Institution during the whole period of the loan. It results from the sum of the total amount of the loan with the loan costs (interest, commissions, taxes and other charges).
The minimum term is 24 months and the maximum term is 60 months.
1. Proof of identity - Citizen Card or ID of the intervenients legible, namely the signature. The Portuguese passport is also accepted when the Citizen Card is expired, and the customer must present both documents simultaneously: expired CC + valid passport.

2. IBAN confirmation - less than 3 months old (with identification of one of the holders that is part of the account and of the contract). Bank details, identification of the parties (customer and issuing bank), as well as the date of issue should be visible. The details of the statement should be hidden using a post-it or part of a white sheet.

3. Residence confirmation - (less than 3 months old). Ex: Invoices for domestic services (water, electricity, cable TV), Proof by reading the citizen card, Bank Statement, Documents issued by the Tax Authority or Social Security or certificate of residence issued by the Parish Council (less than 6 months old) or AT certificate relating to tax residence.
4. Payslip -  (last receipt of all those involved in the proposal).
The personal loan offer is available at the offices in : Alegro Sintra,  Almancil,  Almirante Reis,  Amadora,  Aveiro,  Braga Parque,  Cacém,  Carvoeiro e Vasco da Gama.  ,  Centro Comercial Alegro de Setúbal,  Centro Comercial Colombo,  Centro Comercial Oeiras Parque,  Centro Comercial W Shopping,  Damaia,  El Corte Inglés de Lisboa,  Forum Algarve,  Funchal - Sé,  Gare do Oriente,  Leiria,  Mem Martins,  Olhão,  Parede,  Pingo Doce - Boavista,  Praça da Figueira,  Praça do Chile,  Queluz,  Setúbal,  Strada Shopping & Fashion Outlet and Centro Comercial Alegro Alfragide, Palácio do Gelo Shopping, Almada Fórum, Portimão, Braga, Matosinhos, Pingo Doce da Póvoa de Varzim, Gaia Avenida, Sá da Bandeira, Coimbra, Torres Vedras, Vila Franca de Xira, Cais do Sodré, Odivelas, Cascais, Parede. 
No. The amount of funding is credited to your bank account, regardless of the bank.
4 to 5 working days after signing the contract and delivery to the office.
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