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So that you can enjoy your trip peacefully, you can now reserve your currency in time. Just fill out the form below and wait for our contact.
All the security and speed you deserve.

Try to make foreign currency bookings with a minimum period of 2 business days, ensuring the availability of the reserved amount.

Please be advised that in order to process your currency exchange you must present (*) one of the following identification documents: Citizen Card, Identity Card (PT) or from all European Union countries, Portugal Residence Permit or Passport. When dealing with an ID card from Romania, this one must be accompanied by a second valid document with the holder's signature.

In case of acting on behalf of a legal person, for processing the transaction, the representative must present a Statement of Legal Designation of the Company, present the Tax ID number (NIPC), authorization for representation and purpose of the transaction. You must also present the identification document defined for natural persons.

A service designed to make your life easier.

(*) The operators will request other information at the time of the transaction as required by the legal and regulatory regime (Notice 2/2018 of the Bank of Portugal).

The Exchange Rates presented on our website are applied at the Praça da Figueira counter, we inform you that in the Airports and other counters, different Exchange Rates are charged.

1. Choose currency and amount

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2. Choose Counter and Date for withdrawal

Orders placed after 19:30 will be processed the next business day, so the delivery time will be counted from that date.

3. Enter your Personal Data

The collection of your personal data in this form is intended to follow up your currency order.

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