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It´s not just a card!
It is Culture.

The safest and most convenient way to shop or pay for services around the World

*price promotion valid only in Unicâmbio branches.

Unicâmbio card is not just a card!

Unicâmbio Card is not associated to any bank account, allowing you to control your spending.

The Unicâmbio Card allows you to fix the exchange rate in the 5 available currencies! Ideal for your holidays but also for your children´s allowance or for online shopping.

Here there is no exchange variation

You always know the exact amount to pay. At the time of charging, the exchange rate applied is indicated. The difference is when you use a credit card you only know the exchange rate when you receive your bank statement at the end of the month. With the Unicâmbio prepaid card multi-currency, there are no surprises!

Contactless Technology Payment

Make your payments up to € 20 or equivalent using Contactless Technology in millions of places around the world.

Personalized service

At Unicâmbio we have a dedicated team that guarantees you the best accompaniment available every day from 9h00 to 19h00

You returned from a trip and still have balance on your card?

You just need to go to a Unicâmbio counter and request the withdrawal of this amount. Simple without complications.

Unicâmbio card is not just a card!

Safety: Unicâmbio card is protected with chip and PIN code.

Get local currency, by withdrawing at the ATMs of the destination country.

You can recharge from any device with an Internet connection.

Control your budget at any time.

it´s not just a card!
it is Shopping.

The safest and most convenient way to shop or pay for services around the World

*price promotion valid only in Unicâmbio branches.


Jorge Brito, Porto

“My passion? Know the world, travel! Now I have no worries to exchange for the currency of my destination! With a simple click I charge my card and convert it into one of the 5 available currencies. Traveling like this is so much easier!”

Sílvia Nascimento, Faro

"The Cash4Travel Card gives me an enormous power of choice and freedom! And it is all available on a single card."

Miguel Fernandez, Gaia

"I use the Unicâmbio card to not travel with cash and to benefit from better rates."

Rita Trindade, Lisboa
“Now I can make my purchases on Amazon and pay directly in Dollars! With complete confidence, and without making many foreign exchange accounts! Just log in the APP and check my movements”
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