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If you have your children studying in Portugal and need to send regular amounts to guarantee his/their stay in Portugal, or if you are working in Angola and want to save some money or help your family in your homeland, you have a secure and safe service at your disposal.

The “CashToAccount” service (C2A) allows fund transfer operations from a payer in Angola and respective credit of those values in the beneficiary's bank account, domiciled in the SEPA Area.

The use of this service is subject to membership and their beneficiaries’ requirements and identification. The service is intended for individuals aged 18 years or more. The service is only available under the following conditions:

Legal and regulatory requirements
  • Sender – Individuals – Foreign Exchange Residents
    • National Identity Card (AO)
    • Resident Cardholder - (AO)
They must have the following elements:
  • Identification and proof of bank account ownership - IBAN
  • Other information may be requested
  • Senders and beneficiaries over the age of 18
  • For more information contact the Agent - Unitransfer point in Talatona - AO

Customer Support and Incident Reporting

In Portugal - Unicâmbio
Telephone: (+351) 21 342 97 60 (Internacional)
Free Line (National): 800 50 60 66
Person in charge: Pedro Bandeira

In Angola
Telephone: (+244) 927 780 383
Person in charge: João Silva
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