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Counters Denounces

The only one you are going to
need if you are going to travel.

It’s safe.

It is not associated to any bank account. It has personalized assistance in case of emergency. In case of card loss, you will be able to recover the amounts charged.

5 Currencies.

Chargeable in 5 currencies: US Dollar, British Pound, Brazilian Real, Swiss Franc and Euro. Fee exemption for foreign currency shipment.

It is practical.

Mastercard network access with 35.9 million locations. Easily rechargeable.

Explore a world of opportunity with Cash4Travel where 5 currencies can fit in!

The safest way to travel is with Cash4Travel!

Join the Cash4Travel card and grow your mileage balance with the TAP MILES & GO program.

For joining you will receive 500 miles of offer. To continue to grow your balance, simply make balance uploads. For every euro charged you will get 1 mile.
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