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Now your trips will be much more relaxed and with the certainty that when you arrive at your destination country, you won't need to worry about currency conversion.
By buying the currency in time, you avoid paying new conversions and having additional and unexpected costs.   
With Unicâmbio your trips are safer, more practical and much more economical.
Please be advised that in order to process your exchange transaction you must present (*) an identification document.
(*) Individuals
The identification documents accepted for all services provided by Unicâmbio are
  • Citizen Card or Identity Card (PT) or from all European Union countries;
  • Residence Permit in Portugal;
  • Passport.

Legal Persons
The necessary and accepted documents for the identification of Legal Persons are:
  • Commercial Entities - Commercial Registry Certificate - or Access Code to the Permanent Certificate (CP)
  • Sole Proprietor. - Registration of Activity at the Tax Authority;
  • Public Entities - Updated document of the entity in the National Register of Legal Persons of the Institute of Registration and Notary Affairs;
  • Representative
    • Declaration or Power of Attorney empowering the representative of the Legal Person;
    • One of the identification documents for Individuals
  • Identification documents must be valid.
  • The verification of the identification and information provided is made by extracting the image of those elements. According to what is foreseen in articles 24 and 25 in Law 83/2017, of 18 of August.
  • In the case of ID from Romania it must be accompanied by a second document with signature.
  • The minimum age for natural persons in the manual exchange service is 16 years.
Other information will be requested by the operators at the time of the operation as required in the legal and regulatory regime ( Notice 2/ 2018 of the Bank of Portugal).
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