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Unicâmbio has been present in the financial market for over 25 years, being the largest and oldest Exchange bureau in Portugal.
Unicâmbio is a financial entity performing the activity of buying precious metals used in strict compliance with the legal regime applicable to this activity. It is licensed by Contrastaria da Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda S.A.
With the perspective of widening our offer and seeking to meet the interest and needs of our clients, we now offer the new service  of buying gold. You can now sell your gold pieces that you no longer need, whether they are in good condition or damaged.

The principles and values that define our activity - trust, credibility, confidentiality and security - are of course the basis of this new service.
We offer our clients the best and fairest evaluations of the market.

Visit us and we’ll do the evaluation of your pieces free of charge and with no obligation to sell.
The operation is very simple, fast, reliable and payment is made immediately, in cash or by bank transfer *.
We inform that the purchase of used gold or silver items is available to persons older than 18 years old. For the purchase of any and all used gold or silver items the client must be the real owner of the item, the pieces will be evaluated following the best practices in the market and according to the guidelines of the General Law of Goldsmiths and Counterfeiters.

The purchase of articles of precious metal is subject to customer identification requirements, so for customer registration purposes, the seller must provide a valid identification document and proof of residence in Portugal for at least 3 months in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory regime. For payments by bank transfer you must provide us with proof of IBAN. Other information will be requested at the authorized offices of the Unicâmbio location.

For further information please consult our sales representatives at the authorized offices of the Unicâmbio location

* We pay cash up to the amount of €3.000. For higher amounts, payment will be made by bank transfer.



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